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3M and Maplewood: Magically Adhered This exhibit traces the history of the arrival and development of 3M within Maplewood. It also looks at the relationship between the company and Maplewood as reflected in jobs, housing, taxes, social groups, and other ways. It demonstrates the mutually beneficial, but fairly discrete, relationship between 3M and Maplewood. Gladstone The story of the rise and decline of a Maplewood neighborhood that includes stories, photos, and artifacts from early industries, grocery stores, recreation areas, and schools. Maplewood Fire Department Artifacts, photos and interactives from the Gladstone, East County Line and Parkside Volunteer Fire Departments including Gladstone’s first fire engine, a

Earliest Inhabitants The earliest known residents of Maplewood were from the Native American Woodland Culture and are estimated to have lived here between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1500. Stone arrowheads and pottery shards have been found along Fish Creek from Carver Lake to the Mississippi River as well as on the east side of Keller Lake and Kohlman Lake. Pottery shards from Fish Creek Between 1727 and 1763, the Dakota arrived from Mille Lacs Lake and started their village, Kaposia, on the east bank of the Mississippi. This was a seasonal village. Between 1763 – 1838, its location was reported to be as

In 1891, German emigrant William Bruentrup married Ida Wagner and the bride’s family gave them 40 acres of farmland on the east side of White Bear Avenue (just south of today’s Lydia Avenue) as a wedding present. They built today’s barn in 1905 and they enlarged the original house to two stories in 1912. A granary, silo, machine shed, maintenance shed, chicken coop, brooder house, windmill, and smokehouse were also added. They expanded the acreage to 175 acres and built a successful dairy farm with 20 milk cows, 1 bull, 6 workhorses, 100 chickens, and a number of hogs. Bruentrup Farm


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